Water Damage

House full of mold


Mold. Just the word can inspire anxiety in even the most laid-back homeowner. Not only does mold affect your personal health and safety but it can also directly impact the value of your property. Purchasing a house or a condominium is an investment, and to make sure it turns into a profitable one, avoiding mold should…
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Don't Let Rainy Season Turn In Mold Season

Don’t Let Rainy Season Turn In Mold Season

Rainy season is here in California!   While we wait for sunnier days, it’s important to remember that excessive rain can cause a lot of problems.  Mold can grow in just about any damp environment, and can cause a variety of health problems including allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and even neurological problems. It can also cause…
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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Have you experienced water damage to your home? Are you unsure about the extent of coverage provided by your homeowner’s insurance policy for water damage incidents? Homeowners insurance serves as a financial safety net, offering protection to the most significant investment for many individuals – their homes. Comprehensive in nature, this type of insurance typically…
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how to detect water damage early 13 signs to look out for

How to Detect Water Damage Early: 13 Signs to Look Out for

Water damage can be a costly and dangerous problem for homeowners if not detected early. From peeling paint to mold growth, there are several signs that could indicate water damage in your home. In this article, we’ll discuss the 13 major signs of water damage as well as common causes, ways to check for water…
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