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If you have visible mold, we provide free estimates for mold removal and remediation in Newport Beach.

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Best Mold Removal Services in Newport Beach, CA

At Mold Fix Inc., our mold cleanup experts understand that mold poses serious threats to your health and safety which is why we treat mold cleanup as an urgent situation. All of our technicians are licensed, insured, and Micro certified

If you’ve noticed a musty smell, recently experienced flooding or water damage, or have seen visible signs of mold growth, it is important that you seek out a mold fix company to provide you with fast, thorough, and effective mold cleanup.

Our Mold Services

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Inspection and Identification

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HEPA Air Scrubbing

HEPA Air Scrubbing

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HEPA Vacuuming

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Antimicrobial Cleaning

Our Mold Removal Process

Step 1

Apply Antimicrobial Agents

Our first step is to prevent mold growth from occurring in any damp or high-risk areas, especially if you have experienced water damage. We can apply an antimicrobial agent before we’ve found and identified the mold, killing any existing spores.

Step 1

Step 2

Identify the Source

Mold commonly grows in high-moisture areas, such as kitchens, basements, or bathrooms. Our technicians will scope out these high-risk areas to identify where the mold is growing. We use industry-specific detection equipment, including thermal imaging devices.

Step 2

Step 3


Mold spreads rapidly if not quickly contained. Our technicians will quickly isolate the area to minimize the chance of cross-contamination with other unaffected areas.

Step 3

Step 4

Air Filtration

During the mold removal process, our technicians will likely disturb spores, which can become airborne. To ensure your building and its inhabitants stay safe, we run high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters throughout the course of the project. This will ensure mold spores, dust, and other airborne debris are removed.

Step 4

Step 5

Removal and Clean Up

Lastly, we will remove any contaminated materials from the property, including drywall, insulation, wood trim, carpet, and even furniture. We will also professionally clean the space, so you can rest easy and feel safe in your space once more.

Step 5

Get Professional Mold Removal and Remediation in Newport Beach, CA

Mold Fix Inc. is a family-owned and operated business specializing in Mold Removal & Remediation services in Newport Beach, CA. Over the years, we have earned a solid reputation by consistently exceeding our clients' expectations. Handling mold removal and remediation cleanup is no walk in the park. This is where we can help! 

With over a decade of industry experience and a team of highly skilled professionals, we are well-equipped to take the stress out of your mold removal remediation work.

Kitchen mold removal in Newport Beach
Mold removal and water damage restoration done by special machinery

Newport Beach's Water Damage Restoration Experts

At Mold Fix, we hold a firm belief in the power of a dry, clean, and healthy environment. Our water damage restoration services are designed not just to repair the visible damage caused by water intrusion but also to prevent hidden threats that can lead to significant issues down the road, like mold growth. Our team of seasoned professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment and proven strategies to meticulously remove all traces of water, dry your property, and restore it to its pre-damage condition.

Not sure about the extent of the damage? Don't worry, we offer free estimates.

Don't let water damage turn into a bigger problem. Get in touch with us today for comprehensive water damage restoration services. Your peace of mind is our mission.

Why Choose Mold Fix?

There are many mold remediation services in the New Port Beach area, but not all share our commitment to quality and customer safety. When you schedule an appointment with us, you will experience:

  • Beyond-Average Cleanup

    We believe in treating your property like it’s our own. When Mold Fix identifies mold in a building, our team applies comprehensive and long-lasting solutions. We’re also good guests – we know how to clean up after ourselves.

  • Clear Communication

    Communication is critical in any relationship. When you work with us, you’ll never wonder what we’re doing or how long a project will take. Our technicians will keep you in the loop every step of the way. We’ll even communicate with insurance agents if necessary.

  • Industry Standardized Service

    At Mold Fix, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology and industry standards to eradicate infestations. All of our technicians are fully screened, insured, and certified to remediate property damage.

A happy family from Mission Viejo celebrating their mold-free home

About Newport Beach

Newport Beach Harbor Yacht Club

Located in Orange County, California, Newport Beach is a picturesque coastal city that captivates with its stunning beaches, luxurious real estate, and vibrant cultural scene. Newport Beach boasts a sprawling coastline that stretches for miles, offering sandy beaches and breathtaking ocean views. The city encompasses both the mainland and the Balboa Peninsula, which is famous for its iconic Balboa Pier.

Renowned for its beautiful beaches, Newport Beach is home to several popular destinations including Newport Municipal Beach, The Wedge (a surfer's paradise), and Corona del Mar State Beach. Visitors can also explore a charming man-made island featuring boutique shops, local eateries, and a ferry ride. For shopping enthusiasts, an upscale open-air shopping center awaits with an array of shops, restaurants, and a movie theater. Additionally, Newport Harbor, one of the largest recreational boat harbors on the U.S. west coast, makes boating a beloved pastime.

The climate of Newport Beach is a delightful blend of semi-arid and Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. Its coastal location ensures cooler temperatures compared to inland areas.

While Newport Beach's proximity to the ocean is a desirable feature, it can also bring challenges such as high humidity, saltwater corrosion, and occasional coastal flooding. It is important for homeowners to adequately protect and maintain their properties to prevent issues like mold growth or water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not the same. Remediation refers to removing contaminated material and mold. On the other hand, mold removal is the basic removal of mold spores from surfaces, but it does not include the removal of contaminated materials.

Mold will come back repeatedly if not properly addressed. However, our mold removal and remediation services will ensure that the growth does not return.

We recommend that most property owners leave during the mold remediation process to limit their exposure to airborne spores. However, if we have isolated the contaminated space, you may be able to stay in the unaffected areas during the process.

The duration of a mold remediation project can vary greatly depending on the affected area's size and the damage's severity. Most projects take anywhere from one day to around a week. To get an estimate for your project’s length, schedule an assessment today.

If left untreated, mold will rapidly spread to other areas of your home. As it does, it can cause serious health troubles and result in expensive home repairs.

When people are exposed to mold growth, especially for long periods, they may experience a range of mold toxicity symptoms. These can include…

  • asthma problems
  • nasal congestion
  • sneezing
  • runny nose
  • skin rashes
  • itching
  • watery eyes
  • chest tightness

Although you can attempt to remove mold on your own, doing so is ill-advised. This is especially true for extensive mold problems, likely after severe water damage or years of existence.

The best way to ensure mold is properly eradicated (for good) is to hire experienced, industry-trained professionals. We have the necessary tools and knowledge to fully remove the mold infestation and prevent it from returning.

In most cases, no, mold-related damages are not covered by insurance plans. However, coverage will depend heavily on the circumstances of the mold infestation. If you experienced flooding or weather-related moisture problems, your plan might offer some coverage.

If you are working with an insurance agent to handle the problem, let us know. Mold Fix is happy to provide your insurance company with updates and prices as necessary.

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Areas We Serve

Mold Fix Inc. has provided exceptional mold removal, remediation, and water damage restoration services for homes and commercial buildings in Riverside County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County.

  • Aliso Viejo

  • Buena Park

  • Capistrano Beach

  • Corona Del Mar

  • Costa Mesa

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What People Are Saying About Us Online

Kalaine Konstanzer

Adrian and Nico are the best at removing mold. We had a terrible situation where AAA insurance vendors Alliance and ServePro left a ton of mold and AAA tester AEG declared the area clear when it was not. I am so thankful we found Adrian of Mold Fix.

He is fair, ethical and he and his wife Nico take pride in the work they do. They are so professional and passionate about getting the mold out of your home. Their chemical treatments are far superior as is their removal process. I have never seen people work so hard and do such a thorough job from beginning to end. He found the mold and took over 30 photos that helped us battle with insurance. They work efficiently and get the job done right. Unlike franchise / chain mold abatement who send workers that only do the bare minimum, Adrian and Nico treat you with respect, walk you through every step, and treat your home like it was their home. If you go through insurance you have the right to hire your own vendors and I cannot speak highly enough of Adrian who is the proprietor of Moldfix.

Give him a call and he will send you photos of the containments he sets up which are 1000% better than Alliance’s containment. I would not trust anyone but Adrian if we ever have another mold problem.

Thank you Adrian and Nico! You are the absolute best and we are so grateful to you both.

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Ashley Cecala

Adrian is the best! He knows everything about remediation and is a true expert in his field. He spent so much time explaining things and answering our questions. He really goes above and beyond for his clients. I truly trust and value his work.

Read More

Robert Koury

Great job by Adrian and the team. They were informative and finished the job In a timely manner. 5 stars all around.
Thank you!

Frank Cittadino

Adrian and team are knowledgeable, efficient and transparent. Highly recommend.

Gadir chua

We recently experienced a mold damage in our home.
From the moment we got in touch with Mold Fix we knew we were in good hands. Adrian & Nico were very patient, honest and explained everything in a way we could understand. They are very professional and made us feel comfortable knowing that our house was being taken care of properly. 100% would use again and recommend Mold Fix to anyone we know. Thank you.
Adrian & Nico for the amazing work. Lol

Carlos Collado

We had the most outstanding experience with Mold Fix. !!! We couldn't be more satisfied. The mold remediation was done on time and we are 100% satisfied. The workers were very professional and I will definitely be calling them again for our next project.
Mold Fix is the best when it comes to mold remediation.
Thanks again Mold Fix Team.

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